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SPEN Executive Network

The Summit Park Executive Network (“SPEN”) is a group of experienced business leaders and executives with whom we as a firm have a relationship. The SPEN network has broad industry expertise, and the group can assist in our evaluation of new investment opportunities, as well as at our current portfolio companies.

SPEN members are not employees of Summit Park.

  • Mike Blazes, CFO, BillGO
  • Kelvin Davis, Founder & Co-Head, TPG Real Estate
  • Jack DeMao, Managing Director, Demco Capital, LLC
  • Tony DiNovi, Co-President, Thomas H. Lee Partners
  • Tom Duncan, President & CEO, Positec Tool Corp.
  • Carlos Evans, Chairman, Salem Capital and Highwoods
  • Tom Fatur, Founder, Martel Electronics Corp.
  • Jim Folds, Executive Vice President, Carlisle & Gallagher
  • Bob Gallagher, Co-Founder, President & CEO, Carlisle & Gallagher
  • Martin Girard, Founder, DH Instruments, Inc.
  • David Grams, Sr. VP, DaVita Healthcare Partners
  • Bill Grana, CEO, HCTec
  • Tom Hagerty, Managing Director, Thomas H. Lee Partners
  • Kevin Leak, President & Co-Founder, Q-leap
  • Chris Nassetta, President & CEO, Hilton
  • Tom Nelson, Chairman, President & CEO, National Gypsum Company
  • John Norman, Managing Partner, WEDGE Capital Management L.L.P.
  • Bill Phelan, Founder, Charter Brokerage
  • Axel Rasmussen, Founder, NSi/Tork
  • Lansdon Robbins, Chairman and Co-Founder, PetFirst Pet Insurance

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