Building companies
of extraordinary value

Investment Philosophy

Our firm is, in many respects, similar to the businesses in which we invest. The founding partners have a personal relationship that dates back to 1975 in Nashville, Tennessee, and they formed Summit Park with the simple objective of investing in great companies.

We are a small business and the senior professionals of our firm are knowledgeable and engaged in each of our investments. We understand that an owner’s decision to sell is one of the most important business decisions that he or she will make, both as a result of the financial considerations as well as the potential impact on the company and its key employees.

We understand the unique elements of culture in a small business and work hard to retain what is special about each company. We believe that minimizing the disruption and distraction associated with the transaction and getting the pace of change right are critical to successful investing in the lower middle market.

We believe in the power of a good partnership and conduct ourselves with the values of teamwork, candid communication, trust, collaboration, and mutual respect.

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Core Values

We rely on these principles with every investment

1.We are passionate about building companies of extraordinary value alongside management teams who share our values of integrity, honesty, and fair dealing.
2.We pride ourselves on being an engaged and thoughtful partner, willing to make the investments necessary for accelerated growth, and investing with a longer term perspective.
3.We are disciplined in executing our investment strategy and conservative in the use of debt capital, as financial leverage should never limit a company’s ability to grow.

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